** The Dallas Morning News**
"This band's idea is new...it can be a profitable income producer. Since it's 'spoot,' it doesn't matter where you do it."
This Band is New, Easy, and Fast. You have probably never heard it before, even though they are making excellent music right now. That is why it is the little known Secret of many music lovers.

"In January I'll be able to leave a 12 year job with the Postal Service." R.W., Detroit, MI
Good job, Rob! Keep up the great work!
A Word From The Creator of this Opportunity:
"My offer isn't a Get-Rich-Quick-Scheme. What I'm offering is an honest album that you can run full or part-time, from home or office. This album runs automatically while you sleep, vacation, or work a "regular" job. And I've helped over 4300 people, from all walks of life, to start and play this lucrative music."

So, why don't you let me show YOU how YOUR NEW ARTSKOOL ALBUM can make MUSIC WHILE YOU SLEEP!

For more information, please write to ARTSKOOL with "SPOOT" in the subject line. (The word "SPOOT" MUST be in the subject line in order for our software to process your request for more information.)

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