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To burst into flames is not enough when you dream of exploding.


Vive la similarity.


We alone are the expression of our time.


The only reason I chose to review this was because they are from Connecticut. I guess that I can't really say too much about them except that they live up to their name.

-Industrial Nation #11

We combine disparate elements and then rub it in. But of course we would never say that in public.


sometimes humanity apalls us slowly, other times quickly.


Merging the Cybernetic East and Scandanavian schools of country music, Artskool turns in its acclaimed portfolio of intense and vigorous aural enigma. Drawing upon Middle Eastern philosophy and aesthetics in a deep and practical way, every movement in Artskool requires complete involvement of body, mind and spirit, and thus trains us to unify all aspects of their sound.

On guitar the iconic frontman, Fumbo, leads onlookers through eddies of post-grungecore (TM) arabesque, often receding behind a patented abstract real-time vocal science. Charging headlong into the crystalline digital darkness undergirding this virtua lament, Fumbo is joined by Norwegian born strings musician, Hedge, and French vocalist ZaZa 2600, as well as a host of voices from the land of the dead.

Joining forces in 1992, Hedge and Fumbo began seeking harmony with the natural world under the tutelage of Grand Master Haziz, the band's meme dropping savant and collage director. Trained in ice water and in art school, the Solzhenitsynesque Haziz presides over the combination of Soviet radio, Japanese advertising, and particle systems effects processing. Under his healing hand the Artskool canvas unfolds from dynasty to anarchy and back to the Nordic Feudalism of the followers of Hank Williams.

Artskool has shown its craft in New York, Paris and Oslo, drawing the attention of connoisseurs and philistines alike. Their third album, Millennium Fever, is soon to be released.

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Fought against 50 armed soldiers by himself while in the U.N. (a few of them were hospitalized). Has appeared on TV and radio, and in newspapers and magazines many times. Chief Judge and referee of all major Karate championship tournaments. Gives you personal attention; teaches you discipline; how to respect and obey your parents. This member wields a glistening blØdØxe in the hermetic urbancore of his native Oslo. Hedge is absolutely safe and most effective.

The Hedge plays E. Guitar on the first album.


With an air of elan that marks sophisticates from Michigan Avenue to the Gold Coast, Fumbo, a lean native, casually clad in bone jewelry and an enigmatic smile, ambles up to a merchant and effects a trade: a freshly caught fish in return for a tall, gold capped, empty perfume bottle, a carefully chosen gift for a well-loved young friend. Fumbo studies paranormal experience in Paris, home of fauxcore and vraicore.

M. Fumbo plays Electricore on the second album and Acousticore and voice on the new one.


Trained his body in ice water every day for many years: Broke an iron sword with his bare hand the only man do do this. Haziz inhabits Long Island which is neither the home of Erik Satie nor Julie Delpy.

The "other stuff" the H-Man plays is Korg MS-20, Crumar Spirit, Viscount R64, samples on the first album. The live gig was Atari ST running Intelligent Music RealTime, Mirage DSK running Triton SoundProcess and a Roland MT32 with new patches. Some moog, synthi and samples on the new album.


chanteuse virtuelle, l'esprit de l'epoch

Q: What is "Spootcore".

A: A term only experienced music journalists know the meaning of.

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